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Meet Nerissa

MiMi Jo’s is a gourmet fruit tea company, established in 2016 by Nashville native and “mompreneur” Nerissa Nicole. As a true Southern gal, one of Nerissa’s favorite accompaniments to a delicious meal has always included a glass of iced sweet tea.

For over 30 years, Nerissa spent countless hours in the kitchen watching both of her grandmothers develop their own unique recipes for homemade tea punch as well as the classic brewed ice tea which had been lovingly kissed by the sun (also known as “Sun Tea”).

Along with her love of sweet tea, Nerissa began to develop a taste for what you could call sweet tea’s Southern cousin, a beverage known as FRUIT TEA. Comprising a mixture of brewed iced tea, a blend of fruit juices and other unique flavors, fruit tea takes the classic southern drink to a whole new level.

In her quest to find the perfect glass of fruit tea, Nerissa increasingly discovered this beverage on the menus at various local restaurants. Unfortunately, most of the time, the tea lacked a flavorful blend of fruit juices, nor did it seem to be made with the same loving care that her grandmothers brought to their own tea creations.

With a passionate determination and entrepreneurial spirit, Nerissa began experimenting in the kitchen to create her very own fruit tea recipe. She started bringing samples of the tea to neighborhood gatherings as well as sharing samples of the tea at her own garage sales. Nerissa knew she had created something very unique and special when countless requests from family, friends, neighbors and even strangers began rolling in, with demands to have gallons of this refreshing tea at their holiday gatherings, church & company events. Thus was born the now popular fruit tea company known as Mimi Jo’s.

As a “mompreneur”, Nerissa included her three children in the various stages of building her now successful company, in order to teach them the importance of setting goals and following dreams. It only made sense that out of this collaboration with Miles, Milan & Joseph, she would use the first two initials of each child’s name in order to create a company title like MiMi Jo’s, evoking the warm and loving feelings that came out of their time of working together on this dream.

MiMi Jo’s main goal is that each customer who drinks a glass of this creative and delicious blend of gourmet Southern fruit tea will experience the love and devotion that goes into making each gallon of tea.

Here’s to raising a glass of MiMi Jo’s FRUIT TEA at your next family gathering or company event!