Sweet Tea's Southern Cousin

Since 2016, Mimi Jo’s Fruit Tea has steadily grown upon a strong foundation of tradition, love, and balance. These are traits that were learned at a young age from our grandparents, and now we get to share them with the world through our expertly balanced flavors. When we began, we had no idea that our labor of love would quench the thirst and fill the hearts of so many others.


We challenge you to find a more refreshing and delicious fruit tea anywhere. But then again, after trying Mimi Jo’s, why would you even want to try something else?

Our Story

Flavor is our passion.

We love sharing our family tradition of fruit tea with the world. There’s something nostalgic about a perfectly-balanced glass of refreshing tea that just makes us happy.

Have you tried all of our flavors?

Original Citrus Blend Fruit Tea

Nashville Citrus Blend

Our original recipe washes over your tastebuds like a refreshing wave of comfort. The remarkable blend of citrus fruits and tea will quench your thirst and make you smile all at the same time.

Some may call it magic. We just call it delicious. Be careful, it’s addictive.

Southern Peach Fruit Tea

Southern Peach

Imagine the refreshing feeling of biting into a fresh, southern peach. Now, take a drink of our Southern Peach Fruit Tea. It’s basically the same thing. You may be wondering how we did it, and I’m sure you’d like to know the secret. Well, here it is… we infuse every bottle with a loving grandmother’s hug. That’s how it ends up so perfect and sweet.

Fruit Tea Fans

Fruit tea so refreshing you’ll want to tell someone about it.

We don’t like to toot our own horn, so we’ll let our fans toot it for us. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…once you try Mimi Jo’s Fruit Tea, you’ll never want any other brand of tea.

“Mimi Jo’s has the BEST fruit tea in the South!! Seriously, you’d be hard pressed to find a better tea product anywhere. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and fruity!”

DeAnna J.

“My family loves Mimi Jo’s Fruit Tea! It is definitely some good stuff. Also, I cannot say enough about Nerissa. She’s so friendly and easy to work with. We will be customers for a long time!”

Jill M.

“I first tasted Mimi Jo’s about a week ago, and I have not stopped thinking about it. It is the best tasting fruit tea I have ever had, and I am from the south and have tasted a variety of teas. This tea is refreshing, sweet but not too sweet, juicy, and extremely delicious. I will be ordering on a routine basis going forward. I would recommend everyone try this tea from all over the nation. Once you have tried Mimi Jo’s, no other teas will be able to compare.”

Marticia B.

“This is the best tea ever!! I love the great taste; a cool refreshing drink that goes with everything!”

Aundra L.

“I ordered Mimi Jo’s for a bridal shower, and it was a huge hit! The groom wanted a gallon to take home with him! I loved it so much that I just ordered two more gallons for a family dinner. It is the best fruit tea we have ever tasted! My college-aged boys love it!”

Melanie B.

“Fruit tea can have many different variations, but Mimi Jo’s is the most original and delicious! It’s so refreshing and a perfect blend of flavors.”

Abby F.


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